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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions
1. What are moulds and what are they used for?
2. What is a runner system?
3. What can be created or accomplished with the moulds?
4. What makes your moulds different from other mould makers?
5. What other services do you offer?
6. Can you repair my existing mold?
What are moulds and what are they used for?
Moulds are "forms" used to produce injection-molded plastic parts. The type of mould and runner system selected depends on the design and complexity of the part to be produced. For more information, read Mould Building.

What is a runner system?
Runner systems describe the way that material is injected into the cavities, each with it's own advantages and disadvantages. There are two basic types of runner systems; Hot Runner and Cold Runner. A variation of hot runners is the insulated runner system, designed to reduce energy and production costs.For more detailed information on runner systems, read Hot Runner Mould, Cold Runner Mould, and Insulated Runner Mould.

What can be created or accomplished with the moulds?
Injection moulding is the most common method of manufacturing plastic parts for a wide range of industries. They can produce parts with multiple colors or materials, parts with internal or external threading, parts with metallic, or other material, inserts. More information about the uses of injection moulds, read Moulds show.

What makes your moulds different from other mold-makers'?
Yonghao builds plastic injection moulds for products used in many industries due to their durability, ease and speed of production, and cost-effectiveness. Our mould designing process offers finished injection moulds with certain significant advantages over our competitors' moulds, including:


Our Reputation for ON TIME Delivery
Our Warranty
Our close control throughout entire project - from receipt of order through design and build to part approval
Read more on this subject at Mold Making.

What other services do you offer?
In addition to our mold design and building capabilities, we can provide rapid prototyping for testing purposes; part manufacturing, product assembly, and custom packaging by Adept Custom Molders (ACM), and product testing and quality assurance services from Touchstone Measurement Services.For further information, please visit the services in the Website.

Can you repair my existing mould?
Yes. Yonghao offers complete injection mold repair, refurbishment and maintenance services. Even the best-made, top quality molds need to be maintained and serviced regularly to keep them performing properly and ensure their productive lifespan.For more information about this service, please read the Quality Control in our campany.



Mould Design

Our company has a strong team of technical backbone, reasonable application of UG/CAD/CAM system.

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Mould Equipment

Using advanced injection molding equipment, and provide good mould manufacturing and plastics processing one-stop service.
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